Our team of highly skilled butchers grade each item as it goes through our production. Starting at the intake area, then during processing with a final inspection at dispatching.

The majority of our consignments, from a single box to full pallets are cut & processed to order, enabling us to do each order within the specification requested by our customers.

Our Primary Products are: Venison Saddles & Haunchs, Boneless Shoulder and processing in to Diced & Minced.

When Available: Oven ready Small Game such as Grouse, Pheasants, Pigeon, Partridge, Wild Duck, Rabbit & Mountain Hare.   (Pheasant, Partridge & Pigeon breasts are also available.) 

Please check for seasonal availability, however we do have a stock of frozen product that can be dispatched on an overnight service.

We use Specialised Logistic Companies to Distribute Fresh & Frozen orders throughout the UK & mainland Europe.

Call us on   01540 673 310


Venison Game consignment label